A Cookie?



Remote Influencing and the Level of awareness




In the Matrix Movies part 1 and 2 there is a scene where Neo and the Oracle meet and talk, in the first movie the Oracle offer Neo a cookie in their meeting and in the second movie the oracle offer neo a candy.


In the Internet a web server gives a cookie to a client web browser in simple words when we surf into a website using our web browser some websites may give our web browsers a cookie.

This cookie is a piece of information that comes in as a form of computer code and its purpose is to enable better functionality in the future when the website and the same web browser will meet again.

Back to the matrix movies the oracle act of offering neo a cookie or a candy is a symbol a metaphor for the purpose of their meeting that is the oracle gives neo information by talking to him and asking him questions on the conscious level causing neos brain and awareness to process this information in the unconscious level and take the intended guided actions desired by the oracle.


Also In Matrix Movie part 2 there is the negative program named the Merovingian Again he demonstrate the act of giving a cookie he planted a code in a woman food to cause her a sexual arousal, the code going to her unconscious when she take the food in so she is not consciously aware why she is sexually aroused.


Adults say to their children do not take candy from strangers, negative people try to seduce children to come with them by giving them a candy and put trust in their unconscious level by giving their conscious level a positive thing.


Mother give to her child a cookie as a form of control, so the child will be quiet etc.

Higher awareness (mother, adult experienced) control Lower awareness (child less experienced).

More awareness = more control = more alive.

Less awareness = less control = less awake.


In relation to Remote Influencing a cookie is a piece of information an intention sent to the unconscious level masked and/or hidden on the conscious level.

Why the cookie motive? because a cookie or a candy is sweet with lots of sugar so the sender give the conscious mind something to chew, the brain like the sugar and is happy to get it and while the conscious mind is happy and occupied the unconscious mind can be accessed more easily by the sender.

In daily life commercials, salesman, TV and alike are a cookie senders that must be identified before blindly taking in and accepted.


The level of awareness of an individual determines whether he can look beyond the cookie for the intentions of the cookie sender.

Individual with low awareness will accept the cookie without consciously even know that there are any intentions beyond the cookie.

Individual with average awareness will recognize that a cookie is a cookie but still will not know what are the hidden intentions behind the cookie, and will consider the risk in accepting the cookie.

Individual with high/deep awareness will recognize that a cookie is a cookie and will also be able to see the hidden intentions beyond the cookie and then choose wisely if to accept the cookie or not.


The more you have deep awareness the more you have free will!

The more you have awareness the more its harder to influence or remote influence you.


A hypnotist teacher once asked if people can be hypnotized against their will his answer was NO!

If so the student asked the teacher how come we can hypnotize people?

The hypnotist said its simple most people do not have a will!


Most people do not have will and this is for two main reasons:

1. Most people do not know what they want they do not have pre chosen opinion and decision for the reality around them.

2. Most people have low or average awareness and can see only for short term/range and so they can be easily manipulated.


The courses we offer on this website the RI and RV courses bring an individual to operate with high/deep level of awareness and take total control of their life with high level of free will, freedom and harmony.






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