I am Allen Douglas the main creative energy behind this website and I would like to give some background about myself.


I was born and raised as an ordinary guy after high school I went and had studies and got a diploma of practical engineer in fields related to water.

Later I went and got formal education in computers.


When looking now back to when I was a young boy there were some signs for what is about to happen as a young boy I always liked magic I liked to watch magicians perform on television I bought a few books on how to do magic tricks and even one time I had the chance to be in a store that sell magic tricks and got some magic tricks from there, there was always a part of me that wanted to find secret formulas on how reality is created, wanted to find hidden patterns in reality.


When I was a teenager I had some unpleasant experiences while sleeping at night.

At some moment I become aware I thought I awaken from sleep and I try to move but I feel I am sinking into my bed or at other times just floating in the dark in my room and there was a strange sensation running throughout my body feeling of electric current, sensation of vibrations.

I was scared tried to move and snap I am back in bed awake thinking it was a strange dream today I know those were a type of OBE's (Out of Body Experience).


Back then I told myself that one day I will go and search for material on dreams, believing that maybe other people had similar experiences and I will learn something about this type of dreams.


In November 1997 while surfing the internet I remembered my promise and decided to search the internet on dreams this decision has changed my life dramatically.

I went into a search engine and typed "how to control your dreams" it lead me into a site about Lucid dreaming I was fascinated by the concept read the techniques and start trying them and after a day I had a lucid dream.


I began deep research on the subject this research brought me into a journey of discoveries and understandings of the nature of reality.

Soon I discover the concept of OBE/Astral Projection and started practicing altered states techniques of meditation/hypnosis the first time when I done deep meditation while I was relaxed and still, a wave of vibrations passed throughout my body I immediately was aware that it is the same sensation of electric current that I felt in the past when I had those strange dreams.

After a week of practicing OBE/astral projection I had a strong conscious full separation Out of Body Experience.


My journey continued with discovering Remote Viewing while doing deep long meditations I realized I could see vivid imagery projection I learned to bring that ability even while awake just by closing my eyes and focusing.

I have started researching and study Remote Viewing I have began practicing on viewing targets and got impressive results that build my confident to continue and explore this area.

I have been approached by a talented Remote Viewer who was trained directly by one of the persons who served in the military Remote Viewing project.

She offered to teach me for free because she sensed I have a strong enrgy vibrations and a strong potential for success in becoming a Remote Viewer.

I have learned the military Remote Viewing ERV methodology, stands for Extended Remote Viewing that involve shifting the awareness into deep altered state and doing Remote viewing from that level of mind.


After Remote Viewing came the discovery of Remote Influencing that totally changed my life the discovery that you create all of your reality!

I have learned that I can influence events and circumstances in my reality and create desired realities using my free will and choice this can be done easily when understanding the mechanism of reality Influencing and Creation.


This website is dedicated to all those seekers who search for higher knowledge and deep understanding of reality.

The truth is not out there it is inside you!





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