Food for Thought




A woman came and asks me to RV information, she noticed that she is imagining things and then they happen in her reality so she asked me to do RV and bring explanations from high level of light and intelligence for what is happening to her.


I immediately understood that she is Remote Influencing her reality but she did not know on the concept of RI.

And since she asked to RV information then I did RV information for her request to explain her situation.


I have done an RV session and received a beautiful message with many levels of meaning on RI and the nature of reality.


The message came in a form of  a vision:


I sew a woman in a restaurant she work there and a customer that arrive and then she tells him that there is a new arrangement you can go into the kitchen and choose food ingredients and the chefs will make you what type of food that you want.  
It says that you can choose what ever you want in life (Imagine) that you will have (ingredients) and then this will be your reality (type of food).  
Beautiful analogy the kitchen as the higher realm the invisible "other side" where reality is created.  
When we go to eat in a restaurant we get to eat the food on the table without seeing how or where they are made the kitchen is invisible for us at the restaurant.   
The normal is that most people have low level of awareness to their true nature and so they choose the food from the MENU that brought to them.  
They do not originate or have free will due to their level of awareness and so they choose from what others have made for them, a limited range of choices.  
We can connect to the chef and give him our choices on all the ingredients we want to have in our life and have all the realities we want and not to accept the limited choices that appear in the MENU that others are giving and showing us.