Healing Feedback






Date: 11 Jan 2004

From: Gloria Born

E-Mail: bop90@hotmail.com

Subject: Healing Feedback for stomach and throat


Hi Allen


I have notice some changes I have been feeling happy and I had a good dream this night and I got some burst of energy.

I will tell you more if I feel more.





Date: 8 Jan 2004

From: Jan

E-Mail: willdown@flexi.net.au

Subject: Healing Feedback for horse with problem in both his front feet



Hi Allen


Thank you so much for sending healing for Eric. Something is definitely going on as he has been in a really cranky, irritable mood over the last 12 hours. So I would say he is trying to definitely let go of something - he appears to be a very insecure horse (my son was only given him a few months ago) and his life style now is very different from where he was previously. He can be a real sweetheart and then he can work himself into a state usually regarding being separated from his mates - he used to live on his own before he came to us and now bonds with anything that happens to walk by.


I will keep you informed.


Again my thanks






Date: 7 Jan 2004

From: Shobha Talpady

E-Mail: shobhatalpady@yahoo.com

Subject: Healing Feedback


Hello Allen


Thank you so much for your healing and your subsequent mail.


Honestly speaking I've really not realized it, is because I had a small minor operation of the ear as a result was in so much pain.


I am sure it must have really worked somewhere.


Thanks a ton and may god bless you for the wonderful gift you've, to serve mankind, because I believe you need to have a big heart to help people unconditionally.


Keep in touch.









Date: 7 Aug 2003

From: Jonathan Rose

E-Mail: rosejk@hotmail.com

Subject: Healing Feedback

Hi Allen,
Thank you for the Healing.
Maybe that explains why I was lying in the sun and feeling so great 
(very rare for me)
Thank you, hopefully that was not the last time... not that I expect 
Most Gratefully,






Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003

From: Kathryn

E-Mail: syrzvtcl@hotmail.com

Healing for: support me in healing a fracture of my left foot. And to help me release my

fears surrounding this injury.


Comments: this feedback I got after the first healing session was done, it describe events that happened after the healing and before she was aware that I did a healing.



Wow, this is so strange. I was in a lot of pain last week and yesterday went back to my doctor. It occurred to me that the removable cast I was using wasn't fitting properly so I asked him about changing it. We tried a few and found one that was better. I expressed my fears to him about not getting better, being possibly disabled. He encouraged me to have faith in my body's ability to heal. He suggested that I disengage from obsessing about time and how long it's been and how long it may take. When I got home last night I felt supremely better, I'm afraid to even write it.   I wasn't fearful, I felt like my toe and foot were infact healing, that I could actually return to more normal function and working and having confidence in being able to pay my bills.  Then today I read your email that you did a healing for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Whatever you did, I believe there is much power in it.

I will follow up with you next week,








Date: Tue, 20 May 2003

From: Diane Josserand

E-Mail: Djosserand@blueheronpines.com

Healing for: Pains in the back


when we started my back was very bad pain.

I was in such pain and could not leave work.

now i feel Very well. All pain is gone after a few sessions.

while the healing was done i sensed it by feeling A slight tingle in my back and stomach

you are A wonderful person to work with, you were right there when I needed you

and also replied quickly.

I would work with you again.

I hope I don't have to.


Blessings always,

Love & Light






Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003

From: Daniel Howell

E-Mail: apefortune@hotmail.com

Healing for: being more calm, confident, and happy in social situations.


Hello again Allen,

Here are my overall feelings....

I think overall the healing session was very helpful.

There were many times throughout the month where i felt no anxiety in social situations.

Also, the beginning weeks of the healing sessions went well. There were 3 times at night, once when i was feeling vibrations, the other i almost had an OBE, and the third time i felt a coolness around the heart area.

Thanks for your free healing Allen !

Best Regards,






Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003

From: Ted H. Helinski

E-Mail: tedhelinski806@msn.com

Healing for: arthritic degeneration of both hips and lower back


I just wanted to let you know that I have started to notice some improvement

in lessening of pain and with ease of movement.

Thank you so much for your help.


Ted Helinski