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Remote Viewing is a technique that enables you to tap and connect to the level of your subconscious mind and access information that is available there by the connection of the subconscious to the collective unconscious mind.

In metaphysical sense it is about connecting with your higher self and from there connecting to consciousness, the level of ONE.


Imagine a super computer that is responsible for projecting reality.

Imagine you have an access to a super computer that will project any reality you choose: past, present, future or imagined.




Allen Douglas had personal one on one training in Remote Viewing (ERV) by Terri Bartlett, a talented natural viewer and professional teacher, she had personal one on one training in ERV by the Remote Viewing monitor (Gene Lessman aka "Kincade") from the USA Govt. project Remote Viewing (code named) STAR GATE.

Allen Douglas also learned and researched other Remote Viewing courses.

This Home Study Remote Viewing Course is a result of years of practicing successfully Remote viewing techniques and gaining a deep understanding on the Remote Viewing process from long exposures to deep higher states of mind.

This Course is based on the military ERV (Extended Remote Viewing) style, which involves shifting the awareness into higher levels of mind.


This Course is unique in that it teaches everything a viewer needs to know it is a highly practical course and is also aimed at teaching Solo RV, doing Remote Viewing alone when a human monitor is not available or not wanted.


Learn Remote Viewing from a remote viewer that knows from experience what he is teaching and that all he is teaching is the best way to learn and become a remote Viewer.


You will:



     Learn to Remote View any location in space/time or beyond.

     Learn to Remote View the potential future.

     Learn to predict the future and take better actions.

     Learn to Connect to information.

     Get answers to any question you have.

     Learn to increase your non-physical vibrations

     Increase your Intuition and psychic abilities.

     Communicate with your higher self.



Course Format


This Remote Viewing home study course is currently published in electronic downloadable format.

The Course package is a self extracting archive .EXE 19MB file that contains the following:

1.   The course text in 52 pages.

2.   Targets folder that contain 16 practice targets.

3.   Docs folder with RV templates.

4.   Bonus 1 - Target pool folder contains 200 pictures.

5.   Bonus 2 - Software folder containing Remote Viewing Target Database program.



This is how it will look after installing it into your computer.







1.   PC with windows operating system

2.   Acrobat reader installed Click to get it



The course is made of pdf files and jpg files if your computer can open these files then please contact us to request a special package format before you order and pay.



Course Table of Contents



Legal Stuff


Lesson 1 Introduction


Lesson 2 Going deep into a higher level of awareness


Lesson 3 - Lift off and prepare for a quantum jump


Lesson 4 Your deep mind area


Lesson 5 Remote Viewing Terminology


Lesson 6 How to RV


Lesson 7 Your first training target


Lesson 8 Training Target


Lesson 9 Training Target


Lesson 10 Training Target


Lesson 11 Training Target


Lesson 12 Training Target


Lesson 13 Training Target


Lesson 14 Training Target


Lesson 15 Training Target


Lesson 16 Training Target


Lesson 17 Training Target


Lesson 18 Tasking


Lesson 19 Training your perception


Lesson 20 Solo RV


Lesson 21 Solo Practice Target


Lesson 22 Solo Practice Target


Lesson 23 Solo Practice Target


Lesson 24 Solo Practice Target


Lesson 25 Solo Practice Target


Lesson 26 Associative Remote Viewing (ARV)


Lesson 27 - ARV YES or NO Event


Lesson 28 - ARV Multiple Events


Lesson 29 - ARV Elements method


Lesson 30 RV Technique duration


Lesson 31 Higher possibilities


Lesson 32 Final words


Bonus 1 - Target Pool


Bonus 2 - Remote Viewing Target Database v1.0







Audio CDs/MP3s disc


CD1 Training session for lesson 2

CD2 Training session for lesson 3

CD3 Training session for lesson 4

CD4 RV Practice session

CD5 RV soundtrack brainwave mind altering sounds only






Included Bonuses with the course


Bonus 1 - Target Pool


discThe first bonus is a Target Pool that contains a collection of 200 pictures for your personal use for continue the practice and training of your Remote Viewing skills after you finish this course.



Bonus 2 - Remote Viewing Target Database v1.0


The second bonus is a Remote Viewing Target Database computer program that can be used to store your desired Remote Viewing targets and get coordinates for these targets randomly and blindly.


Screen shot







This is not another course that you buy and after you pay you left alone with the course to figure it out.

After years of experience I know that what I teach here is of a very high value and that is why I stand behind the teaching and give support to anyone that needs it.

I will answer any email and give full support for the students taking this course.

To request support or ask any question please use the website contact form to reach us.



Course Version


Current Course version is: v3.0 released on 30-DEC-2004.


We may release new updated course versions in the future with more material and possible audio files so please write down this course version when you buy it so you know when, there is a new course edition out.


All students who have the course will get any updates that will come out in the future for FREE.

So please when you order know that your first, last name and email will be used to validate you in the future when you request to get the updated version.





Course price is 69$.



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Legal stuff:

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