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The Game Of Life



The illusion of non-linearity




You are going down the street some people coming from other directions cars driving children play in a park near by, everyone is separate and doing their own things simultaneously, physical Reality seem to operate and evolve in a parallel and non linear way.


Let us see a demonstration of life click here to download a 2 minutes video clip. (Windows media player format .wmv)


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In this clip we see the creator the mouse pointer create life forms blue cells inside a universe a two dimensional grid.

A set of rules is chosen for this universe and then life begin to evolve based on those rules.


It seem the life forms operate and move simultaneously at a parallel and non-linear way like they are separate entities.


But this is not the case in this clip the non-linearity is an illusion!


This clip shows a classic computerized artificial life algorithm named “The Game of Life” developed in 1970 by mathematician John Conway.


It has four rules:


1.     A life form is birth when 3 life forms are surrounding an empty cell.

2.     A life form is dead when less then 2 life forms surrounding him (loneliness).

3.     A life form is dead when 4 or more life forms surrounding him (over population).

4.     A life form survives when 2 or 3 life forms surrounding him.




How does it done?


After manually life forms created by the mouse on the grid in a desired pattern we run the program what the computer is start doing is scanning all the cells in the grid in a linear way one by one and determine its status based on the rules of the game.

Then the computer create a new Generation based on the scan of the previews generation and now that we have a new generation the computer scan it in order to create the next generation and so on it continue in that manner.


So in this simulation of life separation and non-linear movement is an illusion what really happen is a projection of static pictures one by one by the computer in a speed high enough to create the illusion of motion exactly like the principle of the cinema.


 This is how films animations and virtual 3D computerized realities are created.


What about our physical Reality?


Famous quantum physics David Bohm believed that Reality vibrates on and off and on again he said there is a constant unfold and enfold of physical reality into a deeper level he called the Implicate Order.


It seems that our physical reality matrix was created and operates based on some rules and definition BUT in this game of REAL life we have also given free will and the power to influence and change all of our reality.

At each OFF state of reality all of our desires are scanned and a new reality is prepared to unfold based on the sum of our choices.


There are unconscious time gaps during the day and especially when we sleep that allows the creation forces to manipulate reality and create it.


By concentrating inward on the higher self and defocusing from external reality one starts to vibrate to a faster rate allowing himself to be in between the gaps at the OFF state of reality and from there he can more powerfully create and influence reality using his intentions and desires.






The non-linear physical reality we experience and call life is an illusion the real case is that our physical reality is created in a linear way step by step.

Like is an on going movie that is being filmed scene by scene but the script isn’t written after each scene that has been filmed an evaluation is being done and a new scene is being filmed and so on.





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