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Do you want to become lucid in your dreams every night?



Lucid dreaming is the ability to know that you are dreaming while in the dream and then take control and manipulate the dream using your imagination and will.


DeepAwareness Lucid Dreaming is a training course designed to reprogram your mind and open your heart desire to the reality of lucid dreaming, of being a lucid dreamer and having lucid dreams.


Benefits of this course:

       Guided lucid dreaming mind training.

       Changing your core beliefs about lucid dreaming.

       Reprogram your subconscious mind for having lucid dreams.

       Increase your heart desire for having lucid dreams.

       You can practice the exercises anywhere and at any time.

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Some Uses:

Explore Alternate Realities.

Experience wild adventures and live out your fantasies.

Talk To Your Subconscious Mind.

Practice New Skills.

Improve Your Creativity.

Improve Your Confidence.

Improve Your Problem Solving Skills.

Face Your Fears.

Fewer nightmares.




DreamAwareness Technique (pdf manual)

Empowering statements to open yourself for the reality of lucid dreaming.

Relaxation exercise.

Dream awareness exercise.

Preparation before sleep exercise.

Becoming lucid exercise.

Lucid dreaming exercise.

Wake up in the morning exercise.

Lucid dreamer's day exercise.

Lucid Dreamer's empowering statements.


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Length: 22 Min
And 1 pdf file.

100% Support

DeepAwareness gives 100% Email support for all its students, for every question you have, we will do our best to help, guide and give full support, in most cases within 24-48 hours.

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Do not listen to this audio program while driving or operating any machinery that required your focus of attention since this audio program takes your attention inward and reduce your awareness to the outside world.





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