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Do you want to know when, you are dreaming?


DeepAwareness Lucid Dreaming Sleep Training is a program designed to train your mind to become aware that you are dreaming while you sleep using a recorded audio signal.

The idea is that you go to sleep with headphones or with speaker near you, and you can set the time and intervals in which you will hear the notification: "you are dreaming".

DeepAwareness Lucid Dreaming Sleep Training is actually a powerful Lucid Dreaming clock! An alarm clock that would not wake you from sleep, instead it would wake you inside your dreams; it will tell you that "you are dreaming".




       Premade 8 hours mp3 audio recording mostly silent after 6 hours you'll hear "you are dreaming" notification once for every 20 minutes.

       5Min, 10Min, 15Min, 30Min and 1Hour silent mp3 audio files for your own programming.

       Normal "you are dreaming" mp3 audio notification recording.

       Whispering version of "you are dreaming" mp3 audio notification recording.




Benefits of this program:

       Automatically call your attention while you are dreaming.

       Awake yourself in your dreams.

       Train your conscious mind to become awake in your dreams.

       Create your own time set programs.

How to use:

       Go to bed with headphones or speakers playing the audio mp3's program.

       Adjust the volume levels.

       Use the 8 hour premade audio file or create your own programming order using the premade mp3 timed files.

Example of programming your own setting:

1.    Let's say you want to hear the lucid dreaming notification starting after 9 hours of sleep and repeating each 15 minutes for 4 times, making a 9:45 hours of recording.

You then need to make a play list in your mp3 player of the following files and order:

1Hr.mp3, 1Hr.mp3, 1Hr.mp3, 1Hr.mp3, 1Hr.mp3, 1Hr.mp3, 1Hr.mp3, 1Hr.mp3, 1Hr.mp3, You-Are-Dreaming.mp3, 15Min.mp3, You-Are-Dreaming.mp3, 15Min.mp3, You-Are-Dreaming.mp3, 15Min.mp3, You-Are-Dreaming.mp3.


If you use a portable mp3 player you might need to numerically rename the files for them to be played in the desired order. Like: 1-10min.mp3, 2-15min.mp3, 3-10min.mp3.or at other players you should rename: 01-<filename>, 02 - <filename> etc.



8 mp3 audio files packaged in a 1.2MB self-extractor EXE file.

100% Support

DeepAwareness gives 100% Email support for all its students, for every question you have, we will do our best to help, guide and give full support, in most cases within 24-48 hours.

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Do not listen to this audio program while driving or operating any machinery that required your focus of attention since this audio program takes your attention inward and reduce your awareness to the outside world.




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