Market Predictions



One of the amazing applications of Remote Viewing (and also of Remote Influencing) is the ability to predict the future at a high degree of accuracy.

Many known and unknown Remote Viewers have reported great success at predicting movements in the stock markets.


Remote Viewers can know about the future because they have the ability to connect to their subconscious mind and use it to get data from the collective unconscious mind that store all the information on everything and allow to tap into financial information that is going to manifest as a results of decisions that already been made and that are unseen by the individual, like a decision of a big company to buy tomorrow a large quantity of stocks a decision that has been made inside the company in a close meeting a week ago.


The future is actually already created to a great extent as a result of people decisions in the conscious and subconscious awareness and therefore already stored as a potential at certain probability waiting to unfold into Reality and manifest.


Remember! The chance for loss is very small! The success rate starts from 50% and with psychic ability combined it can only go up and become profitable success rate. 




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