Outside Tests



On 18-JUL-03 I have done Remote Viewing tests for the Boundary Institute (www.boundary.org) a nonprofit scientific research organization that is supported by the International Remote Viewing Association (http://www.irva.org).



For each target a score between 0-100 is given based on the matching of your session data.

A Hall of Fame table showing the TOP 50 is created each day and is closed at the end of the day it show your ranking and score compared to all other viewers at that day.



On 18-JUL-03:


203 trials submitted by 64 viewers at this day.

4 trials submitted by me User ID: Allen_D


1 trial out of those 4 gave me a score of 100/100

the other 3 were also high.


At the end of the day I ranked NUMBER 1 in the hall of fame table for that day.

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On 21-FEB-04:


I have done PSI Sequential Card Test for the Boundary Institute.


8718 trials submitted by 186 people at this day.


25 trials submitted by me User ID: Allen_D


At the end of the day I was ranked at second place with probability of 58.1 to 1

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