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Know the Future by Creating it!


Learn a very powerful technique that will enable you to create your reality and influence it for the better!



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DeepAwareness courses are effective, exciting, interesting and transcendental.  

Remote Influencing is a technique that enables you to connect to your subconscious mind and reprogram it according to your desires and goals and by doing so, you influence, change and create your reality in infinite ways.


Imagine a super computer that is responsible for projecting reality.

Imagine that you can reprogram the super computer with any desired reality that you want to experience in your real life.



After learning this technique you will be able to make any Dreams you have come true the only limitation will be your imaginations.


You will realize that you are the Master of your reality.


You will have confidence in life because you will know that it’s in your hand and you can always make it pleasant.


You will understand how reality is created...


You will learn and understand the secret formula of using thoughts and emotional chemistry that causes your desires to vibrate faster into reality.





Some of the things that you will be able to create:


·      Heal your reality and others.

·      Create happiness and harmony in your relationships.

·      Attract love.

·      Attract more money into your life.

·      Find the right Job.

·      Accelerate learning capabilities.

·      Control your emotions.

·      Increase intuition and psychic abilities.

·      Increase spiritual development.




Course Contents


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Lesson 1 – Introduction

Lesson 2 – Going deep into a higher level of awareness

Lesson 3 - Lift off and prepare for a quantum jump

Lesson 4 - Your deep mind area

Lesson 5 - laws of influencing and creating reality

Lesson 6 - Further guidance’s

Lesson 7 - RI examples

Lesson 8 - Last words



Audio CDs/MP3s


RI 1 - Going deep into a higher level of awareness.mp3

Training session for lesson 2


RI 2 - Lift off and prepare for a quantum jump.mp3

Training session for lesson 3


RI 3 - Your deep mind area.mp3

Training session for lesson 4


RI 4 - Remote Influencing practice session.mp3

RI Practice session after learning lesson 5


RI 5 - The Speed RI Technique.mp3

The shorter RI technique practice session.




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After years of experience I know that what I teach here is of a very high value and that is why I am standing behind the course ready to give full support I will answer all emails I get and do my best to help anyone realize their true potential.



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