Remote Influencing Experiences



I have decided to share here some of my experiences in Remote Influencing my reality.



RI - A Driving Test


I have done RI for my wife to pass her first driving test I had a week and I did a number of powerful RI sessions for her success.

Some of the intentions were that she tell me positive description when she return home and later when we get the result we are extremely happy and at night I take her out for dinner to celebrate.


The odds were low because of a number of reasons:

-         Where I live it isnít common to pass on the first test.

-         My wife had fear for learning to drive she started learning after 10 years of the age that a person can start learning because of that.

-         She took driving lessons for almost a year before the first test and was skeptical that she would pass it, she was sure she will get nervous make mistakes and fail.


When she returned home after the test she wasnít crying and she did told me positive and extremely interesting description.

She said that there were two with her in the car the tester and another young guy who was also to take the driving test.

The young guy was first and while he started the tester asked my wife questions about what she is doing her job etc questions that show that my wife is serious person who need a driving license to get to job and not a young girl that want to go out and fool around with the car.

As they continue the tester asked the young guy to make a parking between two cars and the young guy didnít do it right and so the tester started shouting at him.

When my wife was tested it was short and easy without problems and she even wasnít asked to make any complicated parking.


We had to wait a few hours to hear the results from her teacher I had an inner feeling that she has made it. but when she talked with her teacher she got the news bad news she didnít pass the driving test! she was sad and I was also sad and also disappointed that my RI was not a success after some time of frustration I decided to accept that sometimes RI doesnít work (in my RI Course I have a section covering the reasons) and maybe its for the better.


But the story doesnít end here we continued being sad all day my wife was frustrated that she didnít know why she failed to pass the test and we went at night to sleep and we woke up at the morning by the phone ring it was her teacher saying that SHE HAS PASSED THE TEST!! there was a mistake at the office where they published the tests results lists he said it was weird that she has failed without a reasonable cause and so he decided to talk with the tester and the tester told him that she has passed the test and the other young guy failed.


We both were extremely happy and at the evening I took her out to dinner to celebrate.




RI Ė Buying a medicine


I was going to buy some medicine that you can buy only with subscription and when I got to the pharmacy the pharmacist said that he cant sell me the medicine because there is a missing signature on the subscription so I decided to go to another pharmacy maybe the pharmacist wont notice so I went and enter another store but still same is happened the pharmacist noticed that there is no signature and I couldnít get the medicine.

I then decided to try another store but to use the power of Remote Influencing to increasing the chances I could buy the medicine to my favor so I stop somewhere and concentrated used some fast RI procedure and tried to RI that I would enter a pharmacy and buy the medicine I wanted.

And thatís exactly what happened I went to a store got in gave the pharmacist the subscription and he looked at it and then went to bring me the medicine.




RI Ė Special Taxi drive


Sometimes when I go to another city near where I live I take a bus because it is a lot cheaper then taking a taxi, at rare times when I am going to the bus station and wait to the bus to take me back to where I live an empty taxi that return come and offer to take me back at a cost of a bus ticket again this happen rarely.

One day before going out to another city I went and used Remote Influencing so that when I come back a taxi would come and offer the low cost and comfortable ride back home and it worked! Since then I did it again and it has worked.




RI Ė Self confidence


I have done an experiment in using Remote Influencing to increase my self confident I was amazed from the results within a few days I notice that the way I talk is changed the tone of my voice become more loud and assertive.




RI Ė Job and workplace


The first time I used Remote Influencing a few years ago was on finding a job in computers it was after a year of not finding a job i started doing RI for working in computers in a big company and it came, my brother came and told me a friend of his who work in computers told him they need someone to work and maybe I would like the job. I went to an interview there it was easy and they even offered me a high salary.


Another RI experiment within that workplace was one day that I decided to put again RI for the test I quickly ran RI procedure intending to influence the person working next to me to say a certain combination of two words it was something I never heard him say and probably he wont say.

And so I forgot about it and at the end of the day another person ran into the room asking us to find him something and as I am searching I hear the worker next to me say the exact two words that I RI for and were triggered buy the third person search request.

One day while on my way to work I decided to put RI to the test again I quickly ran RI procedure and sew that I get a better interesting job at the company.

At the middle of that day at work my boss tell me to go and talk with the head of another department in the company as I sat in his office he said that my name raised up in a meeting for a new worker they are looking in his department and if I am interested to take the new position.

I said yes and went working in a very important key position in the software industry.


After some time I had to look for a new job I used Remote Influencing to get what I want and what I wanted is a job not far from where I live and not hard.

And I got it again I found a job in a new small StartUp company in my city which was rare at that time it was fun inside someone home dogs and cats coming in and out young people around and not much work to do.

It lasted almost a year until they decided to close the company.

For two weeks before I was fired I had troubling dreams about the company and all the people in my family each one separately when they sew me they ask me about finding a new job.


The next search for a job was more defined I wanted to work in computers even hard if necessary and get a predefine high salary that I chose.

I have found a job in a big international company they offered me a salary in the beginning a bit less then what I defined but after a few months I will get the exact salary as I chose and so the RI was a success again.


Another Small story of putting RI to the test was one day while I was for a week in a course I decided to RI that another person that I didnít talked to and the chance for us to talk were low that somehow that person will talk to me first until the end of the week.

And so it happened!


I have done Remote Influencing for my wife to find a job in the occupation that she worked in her previews job and in the city we live the chances for that were low.

But it was a Remote Influencing success again and she found the desired job in a place near where we live.



RI Ė The stock market


In 2001 after successfully Remote viewing future outcome of stocks using remote viewing techniques I decided to test the idea of using Remote Influencing for stocks prediction.

The concept is simple you Remote Influence yourself to choose the right stocks.

I have joined an online virtual investing game that was based on a real stock market changes the game was for a period of two months.

I have used only Remote Influencing techniques for choosing stocks and it was a success.

Out of 2100 players I have finished rated at the 43 place.




The potential in using Remote Influencing is unlimited I have used RI many times for years now and done many miracles in my life those are just a few experiences I chose to share, in the future I may add more to this page.






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