RV Communications



Messages from higher levels of Reality



This page contains messages received by Allen Douglas using DeepAwareness RV technology especially for the visitors who are coming to this website.


I have added my decoding and meaning for some of the messages, you may decode them yourself and find more hidden meaning encrypted within them.


The pictures appearing with the communications are for illustration and art purposes and did not came with the messages from the "other side" unless specifically stated



This page will be updated with new messages on a regular basis.









Date: 15SEP-2004


Subject: Spiritual development


Message: "Have to blast conventionalism"


Meaning: In order to develop spiritually we have to break ways of thinking that we have been used to hold.

Have to blast all limiting belief systems.

We need to examine all our belief systems in a new way and see reality from a new point of view that is less accepted and conventional by the majority in the physical world.

After we have blasted the old conventional belief systems we are more open to receive and contain higher levels of reality and awareness.






#: 2


Date: 19-SEP-2004


Subject: Spiritual lesson


Message: "frequency from the mind"


Meaning: The conscious mind is responsible for the frequency in which we operate, by doing self inner work and spiritual growth a person can use a high percent of his mind and connect to expanded range of frequencies, which includes a high level range of frequencies that opens more and more possibilities of action and experience.

The key is in the mind, in the ability to think and choose.







#: 3


Date: 20-SEP-2004


Subject: Spiritual lesson


Message: The information came in a form of projected vision/dream A man is situated inside a round structure he is surrounded by high wall 360 degrees all around him, he is there alone inside the structure.

He say to himself with determination that today he is going to try and succeed to break out of the walls outside.

The man looks strong and healthy physically and mentally full of determination faith and self confident.


Meaning: This one is full of meanings I leave it to you to find them.








#: 4


Date: 27-SEP-2004


Subject: Spiritual lesson


Message: An argument between two people on a parking space and one of them offer a sum of money for the parking space.


Meaning: The message is a mirror to the physical world, in which the illusion of separation exist that causes struggles and power games for control and brings fears and disharmony,  like fights and arguing over physical territories.
Where the physical energy that rules the physical world is money, and the main purpose that people choose to use the money energy is for buying units of physical matter like a parking space a bigger house a car etc.






#: 5


Date: 2-OCT-2004


Subject: Spiritual lesson


Message: We are in growth.


Meaning: In every level each end every one, in his own time and way, is being in the process of self development and growth.

Also in global levels we are all the time in the process of growth.

This is the nature of life wherever they are.







#: 6


Date: 10-OCT-2004


Subject: Spiritual lesson


Message: To which group you expect to join.


Meaning: Like attract like thats what the universal low is saying and so we have grouping of similar energy vibrations that attracts members with similar energy to each group. Each group operates in its own rate and frequency.

You are located in a certain group because thats what you chose.

You are joining to a group by the level of your expectations that indicate how clear your intentions and choices are, that define the level of your will and mind power.





#: 7


Date: 10-OCT-2004


Subject: Spiritual lesson


Message: The question: what is your enthusiasm from them?


Meaning: The level of enthusiasm is another characteristic that indicate the level of attraction to a certain area.

How much that area causes you excitement and enthusiasm inside and to want to get to that area.

When you are not sure about a choice of a certain path if you want it and if it is good for you to choose it, then you should ask yourself and check what is the level of your enthusiasm from it and identify the source that causes your enthusiasm and if it is positive for you.





#: 8


Date: 10-OCT-2004


Subject: Spiritual lesson


Message: One day we found something that is not good.


Meaning: One day suddenly we have awaken, the message is talking on the process that leads many to the area of spiritual development in which a person one day start to discover that he does not feel good with the way he and many others like him see reality and so he start to ask questions that leads him into a new direction and a new and better reality for him.





#: 9


Date: 10-OCT-2004


Subject: Spiritual lesson


Message: We are wise.


Meaning: We are all wise, in every one of us there is the key to connect to unlimited and real knowledge that can answer all our questions and guide us in every area.

Real wisdom comes from within, every person has the potential to be wise with great knowledge.