Reality Program: Self Confidence


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Would you like to have a high level of self confidence?

Self confidence allows you to be and feel free and happy, it allows you to accept yourself and believe in yourself and freely act and operate without any fears or blocks, high level of self confidence is a characteristic of all successful people, with high level of self confidence you can easily meet new people, find love, get a job and be promoted in your current job and much much more.

Self Confidence is an audio training program intended to create and increase the level of your self confidence by reprogramming your subconscious mind using your thoughts emotions and imagination.
The 3D reality you experience around you is 100% reflection and mirroring of the programming you have in your subconscious mind.
In this program we will show you how to reprogram your subconscious mind to increase the level of your self confidence.
All you need to do is listen to it and exercise your mind using your imagination as guided in the program.

Benefits of this program:

Deep reprogramming of your subconscious mind.
Training is enjoyable and effortless.
Electronic version, Instant download, start training today!

Some Uses :

- Feel comfortable while being with other people.
- Have total control in any situation.
- Hypnotize other with your high level of self confidence.
- Easily be persuasive in any subject, because your high level of self confidence will have a convincing effect on other people.
- Increase your creativity since you will have less fears and a more open state of mind and willingness to push the limits of your mind.
- Develop leadership skills and abilities.
- Build your self esteem, and know that you can achieve anything you want.
- Become assertive and stands for your rights.
- Create harmony in relationships and situations.
- Eliminates stress and fear, and become calm and happy in any situation.
- Increases your inner strength and power.


- This audio session will quickly take you into a deeper relaxed and focused state of mind.
- Preparation.
- Energizing your emotions.
- Letting go and going deep into a higher level of awareness.
- From this level you are deeply connected with your subconscious mind and your inner infinite self, and can very powerfully manipulate reality.
- Enjoy the company of other people, feeling good and happy inside.
- Be calm and project self confidence out of your body language and the way you move and walk.
- Assurance and self confidence through the sound of your voice.
- Better communicating and convincing others and making them to love to listen to you.
- Easily make conversation with anyone, find new things to talk about and enjoy spending time and meeting them.
- Make other people believe in you and make them feel more confidence around you.
- High level of self esteem and respect for yourself, and knowing that you are worthy to express yourself and your opinions freely.
- Easily create positive harmony and chemistry with other people.
- Always calm and easily smile to others.
- Calm and happy around other people.
- Feel wonderful with other people.
- Having high level of self confidence.
- Feel good.
- Believe in yourself.
- You can do and have everything.
- Life is great.
- Energize your inner infinite creative source.
- Easily return to normal waking awareness.


File: One MP3 audio file
Size: 35 MB
Length: 19 Min

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Do not listen to this audio program while driving or operating any machinery that required your focus of attention since this audio program takes your attention inward and reduce your awareness to the outside world.







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