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Do you want to have answers to any question, problem or situation?


This program will teach you how to get answers to questions automatically and effortlessly. You will learn how to connect to your source and ask a question and what needs to be done in order that answers will come to you during the day without any effort or will on your part. In this program the wisdom from within will make you understand and know the answer automatically. You will learn how to manifest a wiser you,

Wisdom is the master key for happiness, success and peace of mind, any problem you have in your life by using wisdom from within to uncover the  truth of the problem, will make it fall away and stop being a problem.

You can use wisdom from within to discover knowledge on how to achieve your goals and how to take the right choices. It will accelerate your progress to achieve your goals.

You can use wisdom from within as a studying tool to understand better and deeply the material and subject you are studying.

Get new insights, inspiration and experience 'aha moments' during the day, like you would from buying courses and books and attending workshops every day and for free. Wisdom is a powerful self-realization tool, when used to enlighten the truth of your reality will bring you freedom and inner peace.

"The truth will set you free" – Wisdom is the key to unlock truth.

Asking question is a very important psychic and spiritual act, questions become an intentions to understand and know, in the subconscious mind and will results in manifesting answers in the outer reality, to the conscious mind.

Get answers from the best teacher….Wisdom From Within…connect you to source.

Know the self – Wisdom is the key for knowing and the tool for self-inquiry and self-realization. The secrets of reality are within you, so look within and know.


The main three areas of exploration to use Wisdom From Within are:

1.   Spiritual truth.

2.   Achieving your goals.

3.   Release from suffering.


"It's the question that drives us, Neo. It's the question that brought you here." THE MATRIX MOVIE.



We have used the exact method of this Wisdom From Within program for a whole year for a specific area, and the results were amazing! We started getting each day fascinating discovering and realizations, We got over this one year period, a progress in that specific area that is huge and high quality and worth years of hard work in just one year. The knowledge we got has given us many new choices and opened many new doors and opportunities to progress in that specific area.


When you are going within, when the focus starts from within, then you will get the meaningful results that you were looking for.


You can stop being a seeker and starts being a finder, a learner, Sop searching in books and tapes and start finding in them, start having and continue adding more and more to what you have, the Wisdom From Within program will teach you the secret of how to do this.



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Some Uses:

Uncovering of truth.

Discover the secrets of reality.

Learn new knowledge.

Healing by uncovering the source of the illness.

Peace of mind.

Realize the teacher within.

Creating reality.

Achieving your goals.

Inner guidance.

Increasing of free will and choice.

Six sense and intuition development.

Higher awareness.

Deeper understanding of reality and its processes.

Release from suffering.


Erasing fear.

Learning tool for students.

Download of high level knowledge and understanding.




Guidelines ebook.

Guided audio session.

Instant access technique.

Wisdom journal.



1 MP3 audio file Size: 11 MB Length: 8 Min.
1 PDF and the wisdom-journal in docx and doc formats.


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Do not listen to this audio program while driving or operating any machinery that required your focus of attention since this audio program takes your attention inward and reduce your awareness to the outside world.



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