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Remote Viewing Terminology


Remote Viewing (RV) is a psychic ability that enables an individual to View with his mind a Remote site/location/information

Remote means in distance of Space/Time outside his ordinary five senses perception/awareness.


Remote Viewer an individual who has the ability of Remote Viewing


Target is the site/location/information in space/time point that the Remote Viewer wants to retrieve and describe.


Space/Time the location of the target in Space/Time coordinates.


Coordinates are meaningless sets of numbers and/or letters that are given to the Remote Viewer as an intended reference point to the defined target.


Session is the period of time from the moment a Remote Viewer begin  to enter into RV state to the moment he get out of RV state with the information he gathered.


Feedback when a Remote Viewer can validate or invalidate the Remote Viewing data he gathered by getting outside information (feedback) on the defined target


ARV stands for Associate Remote Viewing, which is a Remote Viewing methodology used to predict the future based on associating targets with future events.


Signal When a Remote Viewer receives Real intended information from his subconscious mind we say there is a signal.


Noise When a Remote Viewer receives false information we call it Noise.







History of Remote Viewing


The psychic ability was always present throughout history and was used by people who learn and master it through practices of varies forms of focus and concentration disciplines such as yoga, meditation, kabala, shamanism etc and of course some people were born with this ability of remote viewing.

The term “Remote Viewing” was coined by scientists in the United State  in the early 70’s who did research for the government on existence and application of parapsychology science.

The reason for starting the research were information that the soviet union was doing a similar research in that area for some time and it is worth checking the subject.

Scientists at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) discovered Remote Viewing and developed methodologies to utilize and implement it for operational purposes (mainly spying) by US government military and intelligence services.  

In 1995 US officials acknowledged the research and use of Remote Viewing after some of the people who were involved in the projects of RV retired and asked to release information to the general public by the law of freedom of information.