Habit force – A way to change your beliefs and achieve your goals


It all started…


I was interested in finding out how I can put my life on autopilot so things are happening on their own, things and opportunities including wisdom are automatically coming my way, automatically being discovered and realized.

I was also interested in understanding how willpower and motivation are gathered and formed, and of course, how reality is being created.

A good friend of mine named this state: automation, where your life is put on autopilot and your goals are being attained automatically and everything is flowing and in Flow (Flow theory), and you know what to do at each moment so you are at peace.

Finally, when I started to become a spiritual finder, I have discovered the wonderful process of reality called: HABIT.


 What is a habit?


A habit is an activity we are performing regularly over time when certain conditions are happening.

Habit has three main components: Trigger, Routine and Reward.

Trigger – what is reminding us to start do the habit, could be consciously or unconsciously, like certain time.

Routine – the activity we repeat and perform like going for a run.

Reward – What we gain or profit from the habit, like a healthy body or a diet.

 How your habits create your reality


To understand how our habits create our reality we will look at the characteristics of a habit:

  • Habit is the fourth stage of awareness: don’t know that you know.
  • A Habit is happening in the NOW in the present moment.
  • You are doing something, doing some work, could be also a mental work like thinking or imagining.
  • You are entering and embody a new identity and a new environment, with new beliefs.
  • Habit = identifying with a reality, with a set of beliefs and so creating a new identity.
  • What you do is what you believe, you wouldn’t do and work for something if you wouldn’t believe you can accomplish it.
  • The habit will give you a new identity with new beliefs about yourself and your environment (workplace of the habit)
  • When an activity becomes a habit the beliefs become subconscious and a new identity is formed, which automatically generate new realities based on its belief system.
  • Identity automatically creates reality and realities, based on its belief system.
  • A habit creates Identity: if you run “I am a runner”, if you study “I am a student”, if you play the guitar “I am a guitar player”.
  • You automatically DO what you ARE…automatically and without effort this is the real secret for creating motivation and willpower, because you always love yourself and a habit creates a new self a new self-image so you love the doing of the habit too, because it is made an integral part of yourself, of who you are, of your identity.


When you are entering a habit, some sort of new work, you start forget the old you while you work, the one who had no motivation to work, and preferred to procrastinate, and at these moments you are entering the new you, you subconsciously accept new set of beliefs, and a new you is formed and gets momentum.

“Lose yourself to find yourself” – lose the old self and enter the new present self, this is done unconsciously by the habit force that overwrite old beliefs with new ones.

Putting yourself in a reality, in an environment will change your beliefs automatically into a new you, taking in, the beliefs of the environment.

When you invest in a habit: quantity becomes quality or exterior becomes interior, this applies when you spend TIME on working the habit, inner creative expression of wisdom and knowledge to achieve the work will be generated in the mind by the new identity belief system.

In simple words: just spending time on something will develop your mind and make you smart about the subject.

How to achieve a goal using habit force, the snowball effect


Set and choose a goal.

Set a specific time frame to commit working toward the chosen goal.

Commit yourself and consistently stick to the habit of working on the goal, SHOW UP.

While you work, forget about the result, the end goal and just focus on what you can do right now to work and progress your work.

Your goal becomes the habit itself, to maintain it and not break it.

You start doing the habit for the habit and not for the goal! That is how you will reach the goal. If you are climbing a mountain you know your target destination, but in the present moment you forget about it and you just focus on the road, on where to go and where to climb at each moment, or like driving a car you set the destination in the GPS and then just focus on the steps you have to drive and take the road until you are at the destination.

You train yourself to work with no reason; this will bring you to work without questions and no doubts, making you identify and bring you unlimited ‘motivation’ to work, you will work with no reason, you will work because this is who you are.

If you focus on your goal, the end goal, you will be stuck and won’t progress and also will create an opposite belief of lack as explained in article: Why you never get what you want, that will delay and even create problems in your progress.

Start the habit in a small or in a comfortable level, and as you continue and you are identified with the habit and a new ‘I’ that loves the habit will emerge, you will be able to easily work more and more on the habit for longer periods of time, a snowball effect will start to kick in on all levels: willpower, motivation and creative expression.

There would be days that you do not feel like working your habit, you have to train yourself to work when there is no motivation and good feeling inside…as the new self-image is created, it will become more and more easier to work the habit, until it is done automatically and with no mental effort.

Habit creates identity and beliefs, a new you and a new reality


Most of our daily lives we spent in a state of habit, in repeating and doing the same things by carrying inside our mind the same belief system and projecting it again and again.

However, we always have a room to use our free choice by changing our beliefs and using new habits to change ourselves and our reality into a new one.

Habit force is the natural way people are being programed, changing and developing for good and bad in the world by simply, being in a reality in the present moment.

Habit force is a very powerful method for changing beliefs and creating reality, it allows you to put your life on autopilot for creating your reality on all levels, other high effective methods are also available and will be shared soon…I also have much more in depth information to share on habit force and reality creation.


If you want to love someone or something then make a habit, to connect to it.


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