SEEDING – A guide to creating your reality from within

What is seeding?

This is one of the most powerful and effective ways to influence, change and create your reality. I use it a lot, it’s easy, it’s short, it brings fast results once you are trained in it, it works like charm…this is real magic.


Because you are seeding(sowing) your mind with new seeds of choices, of beliefs, that will then grow and manifest as flowering of new realities in your world.

Also, SEEDING means in computers: initializing a variable with a new value, in this case, initializing your mind with new choices, of new beliefs that will then flower into new realities.


How to do it

Seeding is done by imagining your desired reality for a short period of time, like you are there and it is happening right now, you forget where you are now and you jump in your imagination and experience your desired reality like it is happening right NOW.

You shouldn’t imagine yourself being excited for having things, you should imagine yourself in a regular, casual ordinary feeling, using the things you have.

It is highly important that you forget about the session during the day and become busy with other things or in practical work that you have to do that is related to your goal.

Just don’t look or expect the reality you imagined, to show up, because you will then create a counter believe and won’t attract the desired reality.

Recommended time for seeding is usually less than a minute and once a day at the morning or evening.

Make it a habit to seed, without concern of the results, every day.


Seeding mechanics – Why it works

Your experience of reality is programing your inner beliefs of who you are and what is your world.

Repeated experiences even imagined, become memories in your subconscious mind that are considered REAL.

Your subconscious mind considers experience in the present moment as real, as reality, as your reality, and creates beliefs and identity that will attract more of the same automatically.

There are tons of websites, products, teachings and information out there that tell you to imagine yourself in the desired reality full of excitement and happy with having all the desired things you wanted.

I currently do not know on even one website like me that say this is wrong and explain exactly why, and what is the right way.

You have to be in the exact reality that you want to attract.

Imagining a reality in which you are excited of having and getting things will attract lack into your life! Because an attitude of being excited for having and getting means an identity of lack, that you usually do not have and so once you have, you are so excited, so this identity and its beliefs of lack will attract lack and negativity into your life.

You can get something, only if you don’t have it, only if you lack it.

To make this clear I will use an example: there is a poor guy and a rich guy, you want to be the rich guy right 🙂 let’s look on the attitude of each: the poor guy does not have money and so once in a while when he gets money he is excited, you can only be excited in a mindset, am identity of not having, the rich guy have money and he is busy buying things and investing and he is not in an excited mindset, Bill gates isn’t jumping from excitement all day long and shouts: “I am rich, I have so much money, I am a billionaire” no, he is a busy man in a regular, casual and ordinary mindset during the day.

If you want to have, you must realize what the mindset of having is, it is don’t know that you have, or don’t know that you know that you have.

If you buy a new car you feel excitement as long as you are in the not having a car identity and soon it’s your car and you feel casual, regular and ordinary, with no feeling about it.

Are you excited today about your hands or legs? Or you probably didn’t think today about having them because they are yours and you have them.

The only way you can and are thinking about what you have is in relation for how to use them or while using them, so you should imagine what you are doing with the things you have, with the desired things, with a casual, regular and ordinary feeling.

Bill Gates is busy using his money for buying things, investment, research and charity.

For example: if you want a new car, then see how you drive to pick up your son from school…focus on the car indirectly and unconsciously.

You will of course still experience excitement when new things are entering into your reality but you should imagine the stage where you are feeling casual, regular and ordinary with the things and they are yours. If you imagine yourself excited you will not get anything but if you imagine yourself regular, casual and ordinary, you will get everything and will also pass through the excitement stage on your way to the casual, regular, ordinary state of having, of already having.

We can say that there are three stages for attaining things: not having, getting (excitement) and having (regular, casual, ordinary).

So you should imagine your desired reality in a regular casual and ordinary feeling and using the things you have.

After doing seeding you should forget about it on the conscious level because if you remember, you will look and expect the desired reality, which mean that you hold a counter belief of not having it right now and so this will stay your reality, a reality of not having it now.

Why less than a minute and once a day?

If you would repeat it, consciously and forcefully a number of times then you are TRYING to attract a reality, which create a belief of not having it.

Take mantras or suggestions for example: if you repeat a mantra all day many times then you create the belief that you are trying to make it happen, meaning that you do not have it right NOW, a person who has attain the goal of the mantra wouldn’t use the mantra anymore!

So that is why I recommend to do seeding once a day only, so the beliefs in the seeding will enter the subconscious and then the rest of the day you are aligned with the reality of having and not with reality of trying to have it, so the beliefs you enter your mind during seeding stay in your subconscious and wouldn’t be canceled after the seeding.

Why make it a daily habit?

If you are doing seeding a few times and not getting results and you stop, it means you are looking for the results to arrive and so hold a belief of not having.

You should make it a daily habit of doing seeding without looking for the results, the purpose is for your subconscious mind to believe that this is your reality.

Do the seeding technique for itself, for the sake of seeding, for aligning with the desired identity, beliefs and reality and not for the sake of getting results, which mean you hold the belief of not having and not getting the results, of expecting and looking for them.

Also, doing seeding for something as a daily habit will make you forget about it and stop looking for results.

When you don’t see results in the beginning and continue doing seeding as a daily habit, then there when you stop expecting and looking and just repeating the seeding habit, it will enter your subconscious as a reality and will manifest in your life.

Only when you let go of wanting results and let your higher subconscious mind do the work, then you will see results, and that is why it’s very important to make seeding a daily HABIT.

In order to create your reality you should love doing seeding unconditionally.


Seeding – A few more notes

If you are wondering how 1 minute can change all of your reality? Then I want to remind you that time is an illusion and force and power are also an illusion, the only thing that change your reality is your beliefs, the code, the software in your mind that generate the illusion of time and space.

It is recommended to start training in seeding with small goals, small in size, importance and scale, so you will be able to forget it and not expect and look for it, like if you seed for something that will show up all the time then you will look for it and expect it right after doing the seeding.

So starting with small things will build faith, confidence and trust, in the seeding method, and once those qualities have acquired, then you will never want to stop doing seeding.

You can create reality in an automatic and unconscious way, or in a ‘conscious’ way, although all is automatic eventually.

For example you can create to learn some behavior consciously and so you will get understandings about the behavior that you can use from then on to perform it, or you can create a reality that you behave automatically naturally without needing to learn anything on the conscious level. More on this in later posts.

Only use seeding for good purpose, for yourself, others and humanity. Any negative usage will result in you being hurt.

Seeding – You have free will of choice to choose and create your reality

So if everything I have explained is seem logical to you then you should put faith in the technique and give it a serious try for a long and reasonable period of time, and just have daily regular consistent experiences of your desired ideal reality.

Daily shower your subconscious mind with desired experiences/realities.

DeepAwareness has a course based on the principles of seeding named: Wisdom From Within, which is one of the most wiser ways for using seeding.

DeepAwareness will release a complete course on SEEDING which will include more non published information about the subject.

Like I said, I am using seeding a lot and the results are incredible.

You should really check for yourself, how deep the rabbit hole is? The endless possibilities, applications and the range that is available for you to change and create your reality.


The choice is yours now…Will you take it?


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