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The Spiritual Network directory


Odd Xtreme Paranormal Oddities

 Paranormal Articles featuring UFOs, Psychic Phenomena, Alternative History and various other Paranormal subjects

Jules Kennedy Intuitive Psychic Consulting

 providing psychic insight, intuitive connections, & channeled wisdom to help 

in all areas of life


 ORBS we caught on our security cameras
Paranormal activity in our home
These are untouched unedited videos of Orbs,
we caught on our home
surveillance security cameras.
These events are not rare.
They occur almost every night.

Inspirational Quotes

Paranormal Palace UK

 Paranormal TV and more.

Awaken NH Spirits

 Let Us Help With Your Spirits

Parahub Radio

 The Internet’s ONLY rock n roll/paranormal extravaganza! Catch us each week at 10 PM Eastern for lively chat with the top names in paranormal investigation, authors and movie makers at BOUNCE Radio.net, I Am Haunted Radio Network, Haunted America Tours and Paranormal Planet!


 MusicMeFree.com specializes in affordable quality brainwave

entrainment recordings for mental enrichment, emotional healing,

spiritual renewal, deep meditation, out of body experiences and more.

Our recordings consist of binaural beats and isochronc tones embedded

into slow tempo ambient music and/or nature sounds.

Clairvoyant Readings With Donene

 Donene is a Spiritual healer, Reiki practitioner and a door opener to spiritual development; she also does Chakra balancing and Clairvoyant readings, she holds much information and knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.   Donene uses a combination of the Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Egyptian Cartouche, Egyptian Casting Stones & The Gill Tarot Cards in her readings because she has found combined they cover a wide range of aspects of our physical and spiritual lives.


 share with me your true ghost stories,photos,youtube videos, and more also come chat in the chat room about your ghostly happenings. this is how you share get a free ghost blog or email me your ghostly happenings email is on the site.



Aura Sprays


Twelve Aura Sprays, channeled & made by Susan Maynard – Spiritual Counselor/ Healer/ Clairvoyant/ Spiritual Teacher using the energy of the phases of the moon.



Seven Mystic Women


Professional Psychic and Tarot readings by gifted women. Affordable and accurate all readings are done via Email.



Awakening Mind by Enlightened Enterprises


Books, E-Books, Mind Machines and Gifts. Our materials concern using Mind Machines to achieve desired states of awareness, including Spiritual Enlightenment, OOBEs, and various other natural states



Paranormal Research Institute



We research and collect evidence of the paranormal. If you have any items, stories, pictures etc. that may prove the existence of ghost, aliens, possession, the supernatural or the unexplained, please let us know.



Bon Secour Paranormal Investigations


We are based out of Bon Secour, AL, and are a large group….19 and counting! We investigate alledged haunted places to try to find evidence of the spirit world. We do not charge for investigating, however, we do accept donations. We are a non-profit organization, and pay for everthing out of our own pockets. Our members are professional, polite, and maybe just a little crazy!


Occult Underground


Download FREE eBooks and Software on the Occult, Esoteric, Magick and Metaphysics.



Kentucky Base Line Paranormal Research


We are based out of the central Kentucky area. our pages contain:radioshow information, links, members, photo’s, evp’s, ghost terminology, banner exchange, investigations, chatroom, and contact us/guest book page.





My site is about personal paranormal experiences with a small emphasize on psychic development for those who are attracting spirits as a result of their gift. My story is about just that.



The Family of Light Healing Centre


An international mobile centre offering aromatherapy, channeling, color & sound therapy, massage, meditation, medical intuition, reiki, spiritual & shamanic healing, yoga and educational forums.



Use Nature – Natural Health & Lifestyle Directory


– Your One-Stop Body – Mind – Spirit – Resource >> find Practitioners, Clinics, Products, Colleges, Peace initiatives, Articles, Self Help and more…



Natural health and Vitamin Supplements Guide

Natural Health, Herbal, Vitamin and Nutritional Supplements

East Coast Paranormal Society

Searching for ghosts along the east coast & beyond…


 Haunted UK Investigations

An Essex, U.K. based team of paranormal investigators, mediums and psychics who are dedicated to the research, documentation, education and investigation of the paranormal and unexplained phenomena.


EcceNova Editions

Publishers of Paranormal, Religion, & Science

We are a new company publishing non-fiction works in these fields, with a
specialty in UFO/Paranormal titles. We are seeking to build a long-term
relationship with others in the Paranormal sphere.

The Doncaster Ghostwatch Project

The DGWP (Doncaster Ghostwatch Project) is based in Doncaster UK, a dedicated team of ameteur paranormal investigators uncovering the darker side of the region.

Regular meets and organised activities and vigils, everyone welcome, come and discover Doncaster’s spirits…


The Paranormal Vault

The Paranormal Vault encourages participation by all who visit. Please feel free to contribute your Ghost Stories, fact or fiction. As well as anything pertaining to the Paranormal that you feel inclined to share.


UK Haunted Paranormal Investigations

Highly acclaimed with our innovative, fresh approach, we remain unparalleled in our professionalism and dedication to Paranormal Research and Investigation. Allowing you the rare opportunity to attend Filmed Paranormal Investigations and Vigils across the whole of the United Kingdom.

Astrology House

Astrology readings and charts on love, karma, spiritual insight, lottery numbers and more.

Free Astrology

Free Astrology, numerology, horoscopes, love oracles and more. New content constantly added. Come see what’s new.

Afrikan Voodoo Magick Powers

We shell end all your love, lust, sex, romance, money, business and gambling problems immediately.

We the Afrikan Voodoo powers are the best and number one magical practitioners in the whole of West Africa, we have been practicing African voodoo and magic for the past 22 years.

AGHOST: Amateur Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma

Washington State‘s most advanced technical research group in the

Pacific Northwest. We combine Hi-Tech equipment with psychic development

research & training.


 Alura’s Psychics

Honest Genuine Psychic Readings,

Seeking Genuine Psychic Advisors


Astral Interface

Radionics-magick-manifesting intent with radionics-healing with



Authentic Live Verified Authentic Psychics & More.

Psychics, Mediums, Tarot readers all verified authentic and highly

tested $1.00 – $2.50 per minute. All psychics on most USA holidays are only

$1.00 per minute. We are also hiring.


Awakenings – Energy Creations With Love

Selling Orgone Energy Creations devices.


Aware Foundation: Paranormal Research

We are Connecticut-based Paranormal Researchers. Our site includes pictures, links, information and stories revolving around the paranormal world. With many years experience, we perform investigations of supernatural phenomenon and perform deliverance prayers (exorcisms) for those in need.


Barb Mallon – Psychic Medium

Barb is a psychic medium (connecting to your loved ones in the spirit

realm) who conducts readings in person, over the phone and Instant

Message. Featured in The Toronto Star!

Berks County Paranormal Investigation Team

A group that investigates strange occurrences in Berks County PA

CHANNELING.CA: The Sacred Journey

This site is an exploration of my experiences with channeling since 1980-81, and specifically the channeling of Kris, a compassionate and intelligent entity, or Energy Personality Gestalt as he describes himself. I have given voice to Kris for nearly 23 years now, helping many people from all walks of life. Since very early on in my channeling (1981), Kris has proven to be an amazing source of Ageless, Timeless Wisdom. Covering a great variety of topics, his compassion and understanding of the human condition has always excelled.



Remote Viewing and beyond…

This website is dedicated to Remote Influencing, Remote Viewing, and

deep awareness – of yourself and your reality.

DivineLoveLight – Love Spells

Honest psychic readings and personalized spell-casting services offering genuine spells for love and more. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.


Don’t accept fate – change it!

Now, energized spiritual products from the ancient Hindu Scriptures are

available on the net. Find out more, we guarantee you won’t be



Earth Ascension Times

A Transformational Space of Love Light and Laughter

Featuring the Profoundly Frivolic Cosmic Human Insights of ZaKaiRan.



Learn the truth about yourself



Download music and atmospheres for meditation.

You can download mp3’s for meditation.


Energy Point

A site dedicated to the powers of the mind and spirit. Self-empowerment

is our goal. Many subjects to browse, Ki, Energy, Psychokinetics, and a

great forum.


Evergreen Paranormal

We are a small group of Paranormal Investigators from the Great PacificNorthwest of Washington State, who have devoted their spare time to researching and understanding about life in the non physical world.



Ancient History, Magick, Art, Lore.  


Illumination Of Spirit

A Gathering Place for Psychic Enlightenment and Spiritual Entertainment!


Institute Of Paranormal Research The Institute is dedicated to examining all aspects of the paranormal and related phenomena.


Kofutu Personal Growth and Spiritual Healing

Access deeper levels of spiritual understanding through the use of

Kofutu symbols. Learn Kofutu techniques for healing yourself and others.

Classroom and home study courses are available.


Life Mysteries – Sungazing, Astral Travel and more

Exploration of life’s mysteries, the secrets of sungazing, and advanced

human skills such as levitation, telepathy, perfect health, immortality

and the ability to travel beyond the body.



find the source of wisdom and joy, right

at your center.

Learn the secret of meditation so you can find lasting joy. Visit our

web site, for free information, a free monthly newsletter, and our new E

book, ‘Making Your Wisdom Come Alive’ – a perfect gift for you, your

friends, and your loved-ones. We wish you the best in your meditations

and in your life.


Lil’ Mel’s Spiritual Shoppe’

A Certified Master Spiritual Advisor who has helped others for over 25

years to find their own spiritual path. Lil’ Mel’s has known pain and

experienced great sorrow; known happiness and experienced great joy!

Lil’ Mel has the ability to apply the mysterious metaphysical pychic

phenomenon to the everyday, life changing, gut wrenching choices that you

must make. Specializing in Love, Relationships, and Spiritual

Empowerment, she has helped many people discover the answers they need to make

their lives work for them.


Make Life Great!

Information, discussions, articles, and resources to help you

enhance your life. Learn how to balance your life, make a plan, and

move forward toward greater personal and career fulfillment.


Mendi’s Tarot

Professional Psychic Advisor, Divination Expert And

Tarot Card Reader Offering Intuitive Services Through The Aid Of The

Tarot And Spiritual Communication



Discover the amazing power of your MIND! MindTune provides

valuable updated information on self-improvement, personal growth,

paranormal and much more. Site features fresh weekly updates: Tranquility

Room with Weekly Thought for the Mind/Body/Soul, Power Book of the Month,

mind-blowing MindVision links, EnLIGHTening News and more. Is your mind



Montreal Paranormal Investigations

A collection of photographs and information from a sensitive personal

experiences in haunted buildings.


Natalie’s Love And Light

Medium, Psychic and Pet Communicator as well as Medical

Intuitive. Natalie has talked with people from the other side since she was

little. A NDE ( Near Death Experience) made her “GIFT” more

pronounced. She now helps others to understand the Death is not the end. That death

cannot stop love. And that Love is eternal. Stop in for her weekly chats

Occult Secrets, Charms, Love Spells and Rituals

Certified Parapsychologist Specializing in Love, Money, Career, Spirituality and Dreams. Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Tarot, I Ching Oracle, and much more. FREE Psychic Reading! FREE Love Spells and Occult Secrets! Affordable Rates! Must be over 18.


Online readings by Sedra

Sedra offers psychic readings by email, text chat and live video tarot



Paranormal Palace

Striving to be the nets home for paranormal news and research and more.


Paranormal studies

Your source to paranormal information.


New site all about the paranormal!!

Members can talk 24/7 on our forum

School Of Inner Light

School of inner light provide training and services in reiki, radionic,

sacred geometry, astral travel,DNA activation,cord cutting, etheric

structures,tought form,spiritual surgery,distant therapy etc.

Spiritual Light Journey – Services, books, ezine

Spiritual Light Journey: spiritual services of counseling,

groups/seminars, and informational ezine relating to spirituality,

self-help, new thought, and metaphysics.


Subconscious perception

View and share strange dreams, stories, Ghost images, philosophy, paranormal, meditation etc.

Tarot Cards By Beauty

A gifted and surprisingly accurate reader who can offer insight on career, money, relationships and strategies. Various card spreads and low prices. Sent via email within 24 hours or less. Specials on multiple orders.

The Paranormal stories

A site for reading, sharing, and learning about everything

> paranormal. Live chat, paranormal games, stories, surveys, and lots more.

The Seth Journal

A New Quarterly Magazine Celebrating The Legacy of The Jane Roberts and Seth Materials


 The Supernatural Zone

Dedicated to the study of the Supernatural, Unexplained Phenomena,

UFOs, Aliens, etc.



Your Magick Spells

Offers very powerful love & money spells. Guaranteed or your money

back. With support service that is unmatched in its excellence.