Starting point

Hi everyone!


Welcome to the blog of DeepAwareness.


In this blog I will share concentrated and unique knowledge about the nature of reality and our inborn free choice to create our reality in a way that is very powerful and is consistent.

So many people are lost in their dream of reality, in this blog I intend to help as many people as possible to awaken and become the dreamer who consciously dreams their reality with free will of choice, and so will be able to create a reality with less suffering and much more happiness and fulfillment.


I hope that like-minded people will join this blog and together we can communicate via the commenting system and talk on each post and go deeper into its meaning, that people will ask questions and answer one another including me and also suggest topics for posts, so this place will become a valuable source for learning and inner and outer growth for all the readers and participates and become a high quality spiritual community.


We will go over the ideas and concepts presented here many times in many ways in order to deepen our understanding.


The information I am going to share in this blog is highly applicable and meaningful and can change your life totally for the better if you will study and examine it thoroughly.


So join us, start reading and growing in awareness.

Thanks for joining!


Allen Dauglas

A spiritual finder


8 thoughts on “Starting point

  1. Hi. I need spiritual help. I don’t know where to start from. I have been a failure all through. I need a new way of life that will change for the better

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