Teleportation is the concept of moving physical information from one location to another without moving through physical space which require time instead object dematerialized in one location and materialize again into existent in another location.


Sounds like science fiction well for a long time it was in the domain of science fiction many people were introduce to the idea of teleportation in the classic television series Star trek were people beamed from one place to another by special transportation technology.


In 1993 the idea of teleportation came into scientific examination by physicist Charles Bennett and a team of researchers at IBM that confirmed theoretically the possibility of teleportation combined with quantum mechanics principles.

It was titled “quantum teleportation” and in 1998 physicists successfully managed to teleport a photon over a distance of 1 meter (3.28 feet) within a lab.


In 2002 I was watching TV and there was an interview with a man who was the head of technology department in one of a well known army in the world when the interview took place this man already was retired. He was talking on some subjects and military technologies in development and then my attention was caught when the women that interview him raised the subject of teleportation.

The senior ex-military explained that teleportation isn’t science fiction anymore and even gave example of a known successful experiment in teleportation of photons at large distance from a lab at university in Switzerland to a lab at university in Denmark.

When asked on the possibility of teleportation of people from one place to another he answered with great assurance and confidence that he believe that it will be possible within  a few decades!


He also said that some countries in the world already use quantum teleportation technology as an intelligence tool he explained that it is the perfect way for safe communication (undetected) in this way information is send from one point to another without the possibility of a third party to detect it because information doesn’t travel in space it sent in one location disappear out of space/time and emerge at the second point.


Teleportation is another example of a concept that in the beginning was a science fiction an unbelievable phenomenon and later become an unquestioned reality.

From a spiritual point of view it is another scientific support in explaining paranormal phenomenon such as Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing using quantum physics.

Teleportation proves and confirm that such a deeper level of reality outside of time and space exist.


Remote viewing is possible because the soul your higher part the real you is located outside of time and space in the quantum level of reality and can explore any point in space/time at will instantly.


Remote Influencing is possible the same way, your thought waves/forms can go outside of time/space and teleported to anyone/anything anywhere and influence.


So as physical teleportation is developed these days, psychic teleportation already exist for anyone free of charge to use for their own benefits and the benefit of all.

It is our hope that psychic teleportation will get discovered researched and developed more and more for the benefit of all.







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