The building blocks of reality

Why do you think things are happening in your world?

Do you believe in some god like higher power that is running everything? Or has created a script for everything that has happen in your world in everything that will happen? Everything is already predetermined and there is nothing you can do about it? No free will at all.

Or maybe it’s all evolutionary natural selection of matter that has developed and you are just a passenger in this chaotic evolutionary process and you have very limited free will?

Or maybe you do believe that you have free will of choice over your world and reality and you just do not know exactly how it works?

I hope you do believe in the last option and if not, that you still be open and read and study and experiment with what I have to share here so maybe that you will find out the truth and start awakening to your full potential in life.


How you work

If you want to take control over your life and change it in whatever way you choose, you first have to understand ‘how you work’ the inner mechanism that causes you to do what you do at each moment and actually creates your reality.

Let’s take the example of drinking a glass of water, what is going on in your mind that leads to this action? What inner processes were prior to taking this action?

These are the processes that take place inside your mind all the time: believe, desire, thought, Action.

The body signals you that you are thirsty, you have the inner unconscious believe “I need water to survive” as a result a desire to drink arises, then you start thinking how you can fulfil this desire how can I get a drink of water and then when you have the thought and the plan ready, you go to the kitchen and take a glass of water.

So when you have an inner believe, desires will arise according to that belief and then you will grow thoughts on how to achieve your desire and then you will act upon this thoughts and do the action.  


Beliefs define who you ARE and what your world IS right NOW

So these are the 4 stages that operate your mind, most of them happen automatically and unconsciously. Your beliefs are the building blocks of your reality they are the code the pre-programed software of your mind and your world. They drive you and determine what you do in each and every moment of your life, but more than that, your beliefs determine not only what you want, think and do, but they also create all of your reality the beliefs inside your heart create shape and form your entire world.

Your beliefs determine who you are, the ‘I’ that you identify as yourself as ‘me’ is the sum, the collection of your beliefs about who you are and what your world is. When you say ‘I’ it is the sum and collections of beliefs about who you ARE and what your world is right NOW.

As your beliefs change over time, you change, you are not the same person you were a few years ago, a new you appear and is changing all the time according to your belief system changes.

In this world you are spirit or pure awareness that is identified with a set of beliefs that is creating an identity here in this world.

Identity = Pure Awareness + Beliefs

Beliefs create Identity which then desire, think and act, and also create and form the whole 3d world experience.

All of your reality is simply what you believe it to be in the subconscious level, they define how you operate and also how you perceive and Interprets reality, your perception of reality, of what is real.

Beliefs are the building blocks of your reality, of yourself and of your world, so it is very important that you learn about your beliefs, what exactly are they? And how they are created and the most important thing is how to change your beliefs to create desired realities.

11 thoughts on “The building blocks of reality

  1. Hey,

    In some religions and philosophies we find the statement “everything is illusion”.
    However, what if you turn it around? “Everything is reality”!

    You know, life is a game and if you do not like your life, then change your game!

    We can do this because everything belongs to the realm of reality, even gods and goddesses. So, since we all belong to the same realm of reality, we should accept and embrace our own frequency of divinity, be aware and conscious, start facing our fears and become new humans.

    1. Hi Jans,

      What a great comment!
      Because everything is an illusion in our mind then we can change it, because everything is like a dream in our mind we can change it, if it was REAL outside of us then we could not do anything about it, we would not even try because we would think it’s ‘real’ and outside of us.
      Everything is an illusion is inaccurate because if everything was an illusion then illusion would lose its meaning of an illusion, only when there is a REAL part can exist an illusionary part.

      Great great thought provoking comment I hope we will see more like this!

      Thanks Jans

      1. Hey,

        If you allow me, I would like to make a comment on changing our beliefs.

        The sine qua non to change our beliefs is to become fearless. We are all “burdened” with a control system that basically limits our freedom. Parents, teachers, religious leaders all tell us what to do, what to think, what to expect. They do not do this with evil motives. This is “just the way it is”. They also tell us what not to think and this is worse, certainly if it is linked to grave future punishment or a grave sense of shame or guilt. This is the worst kind because it does not leave us anywhere to hide. We “punish” ourselves in our own head.

        When I read your words on us changing all the time, then indeed another key to changing our beliefs can be found exactly here.

        We are “on the road” constantly. We change all the time, so we indeed have the choice to change if we want.

        Again, if you allow, I would like to copy part of a piece I wrote some years ago about this constant change. I am not sure if I would write this today in the same way, but it is still acceptable for myself.

        “On the roaders”

        The “divinity” discussion has led to a short story about “the three goddesses of time”. Also this little story is about freedom.

        You should imagine that we are led by the hand by the first goddess of time. She leads us through time to now and is opening her hand to give us the opportunity to take the hand of the second goddess of time, who will take us from here and now into our future. But….we need to be willing, capable and courageous to take her hand with total trust, because only then will we be “on the road”.

        Not being able or not being daring enough to let go of the first goddess of time will mean that we will continue to be attached to the past. Our past through our thoughts (with often a loop in these thoughts as well) will hold us back and will weigh us down. We can keep the knowledge of the past but not the attachment to it.

        However, it needs guts to take the hand of the second goddess of time. We really need to totally trust her. Before we can do this we need to really know ourselves in our inner core, since in order to be able to totally trust the second goddess of time, you need to totally trust yourself and you can only trust yourself if you really know yourself. You also need to freely accept this hand. You should not be pushed by your environment, whether it be your religion, your state, your political party, your social group etc. Then when you have the courage to take the hand of the second goddess you can become an “on the roader”.

        By the way: it is clear that this second goddess constantly becomes “the first goddess of time”. They are of course actually one and the same. Let us not lose time though with the type of discussion about how many angels can dance on the top of a needle. The important part is to realize that you are “on the road”, because this is freedom. To be an “on the roader” is very much related to our “material” being as experienced in our world. Mentally the “handover” is concentrated on the “thinking process” rather than on “the thinker”. The thinking process is the move into the future. The thoughts are belonging to the past. They can weigh us down and slow us down. The thinking process is liberating us. It is our kind of “holy Grail”; a fountain of youth; an elixir of life.

        Somehow it keeps us eternally young. Eternally young, because there is still another aspect to the two inseparable and yet so different goddesses of time, namely a third goddess of time. She is the one waiting to take us by the hand somewhere, sometime. She is our “fate”; our “destiny”.

        However, as you should not think about the first one too much, neither should you do this about the third one. It comes close to “useless” spilling of energy. An “on the roader” sails on the thinking process, being free throughout all of his or her actions. By the way: as we established before that you should be in your thinking process based on self-knowledge and self-acceptance, to be an “on the roader” might look a lonesome activity. You are not alone though, neither should you feel lonely. We are “on the roaders” too and so are others: we are “on the roaders” together.

        Of course you could say that everyone is on the road and in a way this is obviously true, but the way we define “on the roader”, the “on the roader” decides to be one; decides to know him or herself; has the guts to look into her or his inner core with all pretty and ugly aspects; is courageous and is so much into the “thinking process” that she or he acts freely without any fear, because all fears have been faced.

        Somehow all this talk about goddesses of time might look like a lot of BS. It is not the story about the goddesses that is important though. It is the realization that when you walk with them/her you will walk the path of the goddesses and gods. You again will be divine yourself.

  2. BELIEF. The belief of all mankind has been distorted over the time. Man is taught to believe that there is someone ( call it a giant or king whatever) who created us, gave us choices then thwart those choices by also creating a must obedient factor which is punishable . If you don’t obey the rules set by this giant you will be cast into an eternal fire. This creates fear. All the good things of the world is evolving around that fear system. For example money is the root of evil. That giant want his kingdom only to be ” infested ” by poor individuals. Sex is a taboo. Etc etc. This system has generated a fear system within mankind. To start believing on positivity is even considered punishable . OMG we are made even to believe that we are delivered sinful. You put it clearly that Identity = pure awareness + beliefs. We have been taught and brought up to identify ourselves with fear. How can we remedy such a situation on earth today. Yes when we believe we create desire, after desire we then think gearing towards action. In this case if you believe that there is some giant somewhere whose kingdom is infested with poor people then tell me what your desire , thought and action will be.
    I will think that the first work by mankind is to clear that fear system , come to reality and live reality.

  3. To become fearless you don,t have to kill the fear.. you just have to win over it.. you just have to stop thinking of it… The more you fear the more you scared.. I was fear of hights but one day I climb up a pine tree and fall down.. I broke my leg….1 month in hospital and then my friend came to visit me and he ask what happened. I told him I was affered… And I fall… Then he provide me this cd of mindfulness. It is great .They tell every thing about the fear dreams .. and also how to control it or convert it to positive energy… It help me a lot. This is great to control your fear. Hear the link if you want you can also check this out. .

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