The Logic of Happiness

A man who feels good, doesn’t know he feels good, and therefore doesn’t know he feels bad, and a man who doesn’t know he feels bad, must feel good.

-This is the logic of happiness.


I will now explain this statement:

A man who feels good – Someone who is in real happiness, in a state of HAVING.

Doesn’t know he feels good – the state of HAVING is don’t know that you know, or don’t know that you have, like you don’t know you have a hand, did you know today that you have a hand?

And therefore doesn’t know he feels bad – good and bad are both sides of the same coin, they are depended on one another, they are interconnected, you can’t know one and not the other or not know one and know the other.

If you say, I feel bad because I am poor, it is because you know of the possibility of being rich, all feeling bad is because of knowing a definition of feeling good, and the same is for the other direction all feeling good is because of knowing a definition of feeling bad.

So someone who doesn’t know he feels good, doesn’t know feeling bad, bad feelings.

And a man, who doesn’t know he feels bad, must feel good – very simple, if you aren’t feeling bad then you are feeling good.

 This is the logic of happiness


What is the state of Happiness?

You feel good when you are not aware of feeling good, and then you are also not aware of feeling bad, and if you aren’t aware of feeling bad, then you must feel good.

You need to understand that to feel good you must be outside of the duality of good and bad, both of them will bring you to bad feeling, and going outside of them will bring you to the reality of HAVING and also with feelings of real happiness.

We need to learn that the state of having and having good things is a state of ordinary feeling most of the time, we shouldn’t look for us ‘feeling good’ that’s not happiness, that’s an addiction to a particular sensation, an addiction that can’t last, soon you will want more, or a different sensation, or you will realize that you can’t focus your mind on anything productive when you are in a state of ‘mental high’.

If you will get to the ordinary state, you will realize that you are not limiting your mind in any way and a vast spectrum of experiences including sensations will be available in your reality.

You will get a lot of these ‘happiness’ moments you so wanted, and in a more fulfilling way.

Remember, if you are looking to feel good, or to know that you feel good, you will feel BAD.


Become ordinary – be happy and feel good in unlimited ways.

When did you felt better, now when you are looking to feel enlightenment with spiritual feeling of light all the time, or in the past when you were hanging with your friends with ordinary feeling and not thinking of happiness?

Which one of these is rich of life fulfilling experiences?

At the end of the last Harry potter movie, harry chose to break the magic wand that gives him power to win anyone and become famous and instead he choose to go, join and sit and hang with his friends.

Choose the ordinary state in which you can express your unique creative expression in a productive way for yourself and for your world, there you will find true happiness.


Note: although I called the opening statement ‘the logic of happiness’, real happiness is beyond logic because it comes and originate from source, which is beyond logic.


The following video clip contains some of the ideas presented in this post, it is very recommended to watch.



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