Understanding Remote Viewing










We will use the above illustration to help us start understanding how Remote Viewing works.

An individual conscious awareness always located at the middle level the present the now, when he learn RV he can connect to any point in time/space.

When one is doing RV he enter the RV point which potentially connected to all point and can reflect them.

One can connect not only to the present and travel in space to different locations and sites but also connect to the Past and Future points which exists always in the now as a potentials with a certain probability.



In order to Remote View a person needs to relax his mind very deeply and clear his thought processes.


From a scientific point of view our brain resonate and cycles through four brainwave states:

Beta our normal daily awake and alert state EEG show electrical wave of 14-30 cycles per second in the brain.


Alpha when we are less aware of the outside world more relaxed like in day dreaming or when we rest,  EEG show electrical wave of 7-14 cycles per second in the brain.


Theta a very deep state of relaxation and expanded awareness usually happen before we fall asleep and at the moment of awaking from sleep known also as the hypnagogic state EEG show electrical wave of 4-7 cycles per second in the brain.


Delta this is the level of the subconscious occur while we are in deep sleep.

EEG show electrical wave of 1-4 cycles per second in the brain.


In order to Remote View an individual needs to lower his brainwaves to the Theta state of mind.


This is done by defocusing on external reality and biology.

Using meditation/hypnosis to guide yourself into a higher states of expanded awareness.


When you get to the RV point you can get information by using your intentions.


All you have to do is ask for the information PAUSE your thought so information could be downloaded to you.

Because its hard to think coherently at that level if your intentions are complex you can define a tasking on a paper before you go into RV state and then call and ask for information based on that defined tasking.

At that level you simply ask for information to be projected at you and it is so exactly how you ask it to be and experienced.









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