Why you never get what you want?

John wants a good relationship

John has study the power of the mind, read many books about mind power and believes in the power of the mind over matter and reality.

One day after reading a book about the power of his mind he was very excited and decided it is time for him to apply what he has learned to practical use in his own life.

John has decided that he wants to enjoy a better relationship with his wife and so he set his mind to be good to her at every moment, to focus on loving and giving and being nice, kind and supportive in every interaction and conversation with her.

So he starts executing his mind power plan to constantly try to make the relationship flower and in a state of harmony.

He focuses his mind and put attention on her and try to listen carefully to what his wife is saying and just try to be good and make good.

Have you ever tried something similar?

Soon after he starts, things start to his surprise to go to the other direction, his wife start to be upset again and again, they start argue with each other and bad things start popping from nowhere, a lot of negativity tension and unhappiness show up in the relationship.

Why is this happening John asks?

John has asked a friend of him for help and support, he told him about his plan and the undesired bad outcome of it and asked for advice.

His friend has told him: you want to be good, you want to be loving and caring, then the universe is showing bad and negative situations so you can fix it, so you can learn how to be good and correct your egoistic behavior so you learn to love and rise to a higher level of good and happiness. You asked to have it, so you have to learn it, and learning isn’t easy. You can only learn from your mistakes and the universe is showing them to you.

John thought about it and this friend explanation seems logical and convincing and he decided to continue with his mind power plan for improving the relationship, but maybe his friend was wrong? because things are not getting better for John, they just get worse, very worse until he cannot continue with his mind power plan anymore, the suffering is so high and even the relationship is now at risk.

Yes, John friend was wrong! His spiritual convincing explanation isn’t true.


Why WANTING good and TRYING to bring it, attracts negativity, bad feelings and situations and so much pain?

 So here is a big secret of truth:

You never attract what you WANT

You always attract what you ARE now.

What you ARE is what you believe you are, and what your world IS right NOW

Remember, beliefs are the building blocks of reality,  from last blog post.

So when John WANTS a better and good relationship it means he believe inside that he is not in a good relationship right now, and he isn’t aware he is creating an opposite belief inside of him.

Someone who has a good relationship do not WANT a good relationship and does not TRY to make his relationship good because they already ARE good.

Remember, desire and want, always creates a counter believe, and so a counter reality become yours.

If you want something, then it mean you do not have it, so when you say you want something you also tell your subconscious the believe: “I don’t have it” and your inner believe of lack is manifested in your world.

A belief is affecting your reality only if it is at the subconscious level. If you want money and you start saying “I believe I have a lot of money” you simply want to believe that you have a lot of money and really don’t have this believe not really believe in that.


Avoid an attitude of WANTING because it represents and creates a belief of LACKING inside your mind

I am not going to explain in this article how you can attract desired realities this is a subject in itself, the main point of this article is to explain that WANTING, DESIRING, TRYING, creates inside you the opposite belief of what you want to achieve, and so attract to your life the opposite of what you actually want. This is how working with manifestation and mind power techniques can bring you a lot of suffering and pain, and why spiritual seekers unnecessary suffer so much, as will be explained in later posts.

Important things to learn:

You should not go and look and expect for things to happen around you.

You should not do things to make other things to happen.

You should not do actively things and constantly look for the results to manifest.

The secret of creating reality has a lot to do with: letting go, trust, and not looking for it.

There is no need to change anything outside only inside, change yourself, your beliefs, and the world will also change accordingly.

8 thoughts on “Why you never get what you want?

  1. These truths point to the inherent flaws of so many teachers/programs/philosophies that made promises regarding manifesting that left many people with even a greater sense of frustration and lacking.
    Our reality is a reflection/projection of who and what we are now!
    Change seems to involve seeing through and letting go of what proves to be false(through experiencing)as much if not more so than acquiring things(qualities,attributes,capabilities,etc.) that seem to be missing or deficient.
    Look forward to what will follow.

    1. A very famous spiritual teacher in the United State who was teaching enlightenment for 20-30 years has announced that he is quitting teaching apologizing to his students, for getting hurt from him and his system admitting his system does not really work.

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